Sharpening NATO’s Technological Edge:

Adaptive Partnerships and the Innovative Power of Alliance Industry

Programme Highlights

Trends in the Defence Innovation Landscape

Innovation has become more global, more rapid, and more concentrated in the private sector, where more commercial technologies than ever before have military applications. Panelists will address these trends in depth; discuss how they are giving rise to new models of collaboration between defence organizations and Industry; and explore the implications for NATO.

NCI Agency capability priorities in the area of Application Services

NCI Agency executive management will present their respective capability priorities and current technology areas of interest that can enhance them. An introduction to the related business opportunities, this session is designed to help Industry understand the short, medium and long term direction of travel for specific NATO capability area, so that they are better positioned to take informed strategic investment decisions, to offer solutions when needed, and to contribute to addressing the challenges the Alliance is facing.

Working better together: NATO-Industry collaborative workshop

NATO aims at leveraging Industry’s innovative capacity – including technology and process – while striving to increase its understanding of industrial possibilities, to position itself as a knowledgeable customer that knows what to ask of Industry and how best to ask it.

As part of an ongoing NCI Agency effort to deepen engagement with Industry, these collaborative workshops will provide a unique platform for consultations with Industry on topics where industry expertise, best practices and feedback are particularly valuable. Exact modules/tracks will be announced in mid-February.


General Jonathan Vance (Canada)  
Chief of the Defence Staff
General Jonathan Vance (Canada) Chief of the Defence Staff
Mr Koen Gijsbers
NCI Agency General Manager
Mr Koen Gijsbers NCI Agency General Manager


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