NITEC18 – NCI Agency Industry Conference and AFCEA TechNet International  – Programme

NATO’s Digital Endeavour: Expanding the Ecosystem

Agenda NITEC18

In today’s digital age, NATO, Allied governments, businesses and citizens alike are seeking to leverage and adopt new and emerging digital technologies and capabilities, in new ways. For NATO, embarking on a digital endeavour means enabling a better informed, more adaptable, more responsive and
better prepared Alliance.

Throughout Day 1, senior government and industry leaders will discuss best practices that are driving their own digital transformation efforts and how they are helping their organisations become more
nimble and digital, to navigate through unpredictable change, and to thrive in an uncertain world.

GM ProgramDAY1

The pace of change in Information Technology has reached unprecedented levels, and increasingly it is coming from unexpected corners. As it continues to increase — and the number of new technologies continue to grow — it is critical to rapidly capture and evaluate the new trends and innovative solutions that are accelerating the digital transformation. Day 2 will offer a rare glimpse into the newest trends while focusing on how they can help improve current practices and processes and inject renewed agility to boost effectiveness of digital transformation efforts. Day 2 will also provide a unique opportunity for industry and academia to demonstrate how to best harness the new trends and technologies in support of the NCI Agency’s mission to:

  • Provide state of the art information technology infrastructure required for NATO’s consultation and collective defence, including leveraging commercial cloud solutions;
  • Leverage data analytics and artificial intelligence tools and know-how to bring the highest quality information to NATO’s decision makers in a timely fashion;
  • Bring artificial intelligence and machine learning to the business of securing and managing NATO’s information assets; and
  • Advise, counsel and implement the best business transformation techniques and practices NATO requires to take full advantage of its information technology investments

GM Program2

The infrastructure and communication layers are quickly becoming commoditised. In the future the most important asset held by organisations will be information.  NATO’s ability to access, analyse and act on that information in a timely way will be key to its continued success.

The centre of gravity in cutting edge, military applicable research is shifting abruptly away from the defence establishment to start-ups and relatively new commercial firms. How NATO can introduce these technologies into its unique and challenging environment, transform its culture and processes to exploit them in a timely way will be its greatest challenge and define its capabilities in the future.

Day 3 will focus on new, disruptive digital technologies and business models that significantly affect the value proposition of digital transformation. It will feature top innovators and visionaries who will discuss the coming wave of digital disruption.

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